How Great Brands Are Empowering Audiences On Instagram

Introducing Instagram brands that stand out and promote their products in a creative, entertaining way.

The use of the creative potential of a wide range of media and collaborative relationship between content creator and audience are important facts to empower online audiences. It’s best to learn from other creative brands that are already crushing it at empowerment marketing, which means making your audience and their aspirations an integral part of your campaigns and brand stories.

Instagram isn’t just a social network for individuals anymore.

Marketers use Instagram to promote their brand and engage with the audience.
People use Instagram for inspiration and social connection, so the best brands on this social medium are those that speak to shared values, greater possibilities and personal growth.
The best way to communicate your message on Instagram is to engage people’s attention and produce content that emotionally resonates with your audience.

Let’s see how the most creative brands empower their audiences on Instagram:


Oreo is definitely knows how to promote a simple product in all kinds of different, creative ways. They inspire their consumers by posting playful, simple and beautifully made videos and photos.

Califia Farms

Califia Farms produces natural beverage products. What they do best on Instagram is create fun, playful videos and GIFs. Check out this brilliant idea:


Starbucks stands out on Instagram – thanks to its simple, beautifully made photos and videos. Here are some examples:

Nike Women

Nike Women features empowering images of fierce women. The pictures have bright colors and simple backgrounds, making each photo eye-catching and engaging.

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